Beyond Herbicide and Raptor Herbicide from BASF Will Now Be Sold as Beyond Xtra

Tue, 18 Oct 2022 10:46:55 CDT

Beyond Herbicide and Raptor Herbicide from BASF Will Now Be Sold as Beyond Xtra

For more than two decades, growers have controlled their weeds with two trusted BASF solutions, Beyond® herbicide for Clearfield® Production System crops and Raptor® herbicide for alfalfa, dry beans, and soybeans. The two products have always contained the same chemistry but have been targeted to different cropping systems. Now, both Beyond and Raptor will become one new product, Beyond Xtra® herbicide. The new name reflects the crops that have been merged from Beyond and Raptor’s labels to the Beyond Xtra label and can now deliver the same quality weed control growers have come to expect from the respective brands. Recently registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Beyond Xtra is available for the 2023 growing season.

“Growers can rest assured that Raptor and Beyond herbicides, the previous herbicide chemistry they know and trust, are not changing, just the name,” said Chelsie Metzler, BASF Product Manager. “Retailers will also benefit from the simplicity of having the spectrum of crops under one label.”

Same Great Weed Control, New Name

Over the years, Beyond and Raptor herbicides have delivered long-lasting control on more than 40 tough grasses and broadleaf weeds, such as downy brome, Japanese brome, goat grass, and mustards. Beyond herbicide was previously marketed for Clearfield wheat, rice, sunflowers, lentils, and canola, while Raptor herbicide’s primary crops of protection included alfalfa, dry beans, and a variety of other crops.

Beyond Xtra herbicide’s chemistry will stay the same and will be available for use on all crops for which Beyond and Raptor herbicides were previously marketed. Growers can find Beyond Xtra herbicide in the same retail locations they bought Raptor and Beyond herbicides.

“Same great products, same great benefits. It’s that simple,” said Metzler.

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