ASA & Others Urge POTUS to Work with Rail Unions

Fri, 28 Oct 2022 09:02:47 CDT
ASA & Others Urge POTUS to Work with Rail Unions

ASA & Others Urge POTUS to Work with Rail Unions

ASA this week signed a rail coalition letter with 321 other local, state and federal trade associations urging President Biden to continue working with railroads and rail unions during the ratification process of a tentative labor agreement to ensure there is no interruption to rail service.

Railroads and rail worker unions reached the tentative agreement in September, preventing a potential strike or lockout that would have ultimately caused significant economic damage to already unsteady U.S. supply chains.

Each union is required to have its membership ratify the deal. If even one union does not reach a labor agreement, it is possible that all 12 unions will strike in solidarity. As of now, six of the 12 unions have ratified and two have rejected the agreement, causing concern that others will follow and cause a shutdown of the entire freight rail system. The two largest unions representing rail workers will vote on the agreement on Nov. 17.

“It is paramount that these contracts now be ratified, as a rail shutdown would have a significant impact on the U.S. economy and lead to further inflationary pressure,” groups urge in the coalition letter.

The groups urge the White House to continue helping the process forward in a positive direction. If a deal is not ratified by all 12 unions, per the tentative agreement reached in September, Congress will be provided a window to act and prevent a potential stoppage. View the letter here.


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