Governor Stitt Allows Farmers and Ranchers to Grow and Produce without Added Regulation or Burden

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, got the chance to visit with farmer and rancher from western Oklahoma, Monte Tucker, about his views on the upcoming election for Governor of Oklahoma from an agricultural perspective.  

“It’s always one of my favorite quotes from Will Rogers is, ‘you have to remain politically active to be politically left alone,’ and I fully get that now,” Tucker said.

Tucker said he appreciates the governor and the governor’s staff for allowing those in rural Oklahoma to grow and produce without added regulations, burden, and added taxes.  

“Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do for a person,” Tucker said.

Tucker has been pleased with some of the proactive things the Governor has done, including some of his appointees, especially Ag Secretary Blaine Arthur.

“She is good. Very approachable, very common sense and that office handles way more than a lot of people realize,” Tucker said. “I really believe she just handles every issue that comes in front of her with a little bit of common sense and country knowledge.”

In regard to mail being sent out with accusations that the governor plans to shut down rural schools, Tucker said he doesn’t believe it. Shutting down rural schools, Tucker said, doesn’t work because the students would have nowhere else to go.

“He (Governor Stitt) sees the quality of kids that come out of rural schools and youth programs, and he values that one-on-one, small community touch that larger city schools can’t duplicate,” Tucker said.

Tucker also talked about his views on the school voucher system.

“I am a parent of two boys who go to a public school, and I am proud of it- it is a good school, but if that school just didn’t fit for them, I pay an absorbent amount of tax that goes into a school system,” Tucker said. “I feel like I would be cheated if I put my boys in a school that was better for them, but yet my tax dollars were still going to a school that didn’t fit them.”

Tucker said he could argue the issue both ways because if too many kids leave a school and the money leaves with them, that puts the school in a bind, but also, people don’t want their money going to a school their kid does not attend.

“It is a tough issue,” Tucker said.

Tucker also talked about Governor Stitt’s opponent, Joy Hoffmeister.

“You had somebody that claimed to be a republican that converted to a Democrat,” Tucker said. “Back a couple of years ago at their national convention, they basically adopted socialism. So, if that is what you are about, then go for the Democrats, but if you still love freedom and you still want choices on your farm and ranch to come down to you making the best choice for your land, your animals, and your family, then you probably need to stay on that conservative side.”

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