Money to be Made in the Cattle Markets, says Bob Rodenberger

Listen to Reagan’s conversation with Bob Rodenberger as he gives a cattle market update.

Reagan Calk, Associate Farm Editor, is visiting with Bob Rodenberger, a partner with Stockman Oklahoma Livestock Marketing, as he talks about the latest in the cattle markets.

This week started out with good runs, Rodenberger said, with 10,000 head in Oklahoma City. Runs are not any bigger than normal, Rodenberger said, and a large percentage of volume continues to be culled cows.

“With the wheat pasture growing like it is, that has still not eliminated the problem with the water, grass, or hay for the cowman,” Rodenberger said. “For the cow people, it is going to be next June or July until we see where we are at and see what kind of grass we get and how much water we can fill back up our ponds.”

The calf market, Rodenberger said, is fully steady and 20 to 25 dollars higher than it was 30 days ago. Rodenberger expects that market to continue steady.

As for the cattle on feed report coming out later today, Rodenberger said there are plenty of positives, and money to be made for those who can start calves and carry them over to grass until August.

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