Forecast for Thanksgiving Looks Mild So far

Its been chilly since the cold front blew in back on November 10th. According to State Climatologist Gary McManus, “This is the most serious below-normal period we’ve seen in the state since…well, we haven’t seen anything like this in the state since probably Feb. 2021”

McManus said we have seen periods where we were colder, but for the extent and magnitude, its been almost two years. McManus says our entire summer in Oklahoma was well above normal temps, and that stretched back into May and into October. However, McManus says we will have a near-to-above-normal stretch of weather to complete Thanksgiving week, as well as to end the month.

Thanksgiving Day should be pretty nice with near normal temps and some light rain possible across Eastern Oklahoma.

McManus says the forecast looks fairly boring for the rest of the week, “All in all, though, the weather looks fairly boring to the extent of accurate forecasts, and even beyond (inaccurately). Boring can be good if you’re traveling, but not so great if you’re in drought.” To read the latest Ticker from Gary McManus, click here:

November 21 in Mesonet History*:

  Record Maximum       82 F at WAUR in 2010

  Record Minimum       13 F at GOOD in 2007

  Record Rainfall   4.52″ at TALI in 2011

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