Nutrien Ag Provides the Complete Solution for a Grower’s Acreage 

Listen to KC Sheperd’s conversation with Frank Groves of Nutrien Ag.

Director, KC Sheperd, visited with the Nutrien Ag North American lead for cotton, rice, and specialty crops, Frank Groves talking about this year’s cotton crop and ways Nutrien Ag can aid producers.  

“It was a very challenging year for cotton producers across the entire cotton belt,” Groves said. “We have our fingers crossed that we are going to get a little rain this year and come into the season in a little better position than we were last year.” 

Groves said he is excited about the portfolio products Nutrien Ag has to offer. 

“Through that portfolio, I believe we have a solution for any scenario that comes up; of course, the challenge in agriculture always is you don’t have a crystal ball, and you don’t know what you are getting into,” Groves said.  

Going into 2023, Groves said, Nutrien Ag is focused on giving growers the best local solution.  

“This would have been the year, certainly, to have something that has a little larger seed, a little earlier season vigor, and a little more drought tolerance,” Groves said.  

As a representative at Nutrien Ag Solutions, Grove said he feels like Nutrien Ag has the broadest portfolio of anyone in the industry. 

“We have our proprietary brand of Dyna-Gro, as well as all of our seed partners that we work with,” Groves said. “Very close relationships with all of them. We have local crop consultants at each and every store. We have a team of agronomists, we operate in a digital space- crop protection, fertility, the entire package all the way from planting through harvest.” 

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