Heavy Rains Possible Across Southeast Oklahoma this Week

State Climatologist Gary McManus says we are 20 days away from Christmas and that there is a chance that SOMEONE in the US will see some Snow this Christmas. Still, probably NOT in Oklahoma, “Most places in Oklahoma have what could aptly be termed “negligible” odds for a white Christmas. We see zilch for not only Oklahoma but most of the Southern U.S. So right now, based on climatology, you generally have a 5-10% chance across the northern half of the state for a White Christmas (at least an inch of snow on the ground.”

McManus says this week’s weather is all over the place because we’re just oscillating back and forth before and after cold fronts around 50 degrees or so, with it being colder one day and warmer the next. McManus says we can expect warm temperatures today, but a cold front is expected to move through, ” We can’t seem to match up the really cold air with the moisture to give us something a bit more memorable other than cold rain (which is welcome nonetheless). Heavy rains are possible across SE OK.”

McManus says we’ve also seen a decent dose of Rain across Southern Oklahoma.

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