Kara Lee with Certified Angus Beef Tells Cattlemen ‘Cut the Bull’

Fri, 23 Dec 2022 14:30:44 CST
Kara Lee with Certified Angus Beef Tells Cattlemen 'Cut the Bull'

Ron Hays Beef Buzzes with Kara Lee of CAB About BQA

The Certified Angus Beef program is all about delivering a great eating experience to consumers- and part of that experience is letting them know that the Angus cattle that meet the standards for the CAB program have been raised the right way. Oklahoma Farm Report’s Ron Hays talked about that with the CAB’s Director of Producer Engagement, Kara Lee. Kara says that one way to let consumers know that cattle are being raised in a humane, sustainableway is when the producers raising the cattle are BQA certified.

Lee says that CAB’s consumer research shows that when consumers hear the word Sustainability as it relates to CAB and the cattle involved- they think of words like animal care and animal welfare. They ask CAB what the brand is doing to be committed to animal care.

She believes that the producers raising cattle for the CAB program are committed to the well being of the cattle- because if the animals are having too many bad days- those animals won’t qualify for the CAB program.

The Certified Angus Beef Program has turned to the BQA program- Beef Quality Assurance- as a way to show consumers that producers are doing right by the land and doing right by the cattle.

Kara Lee says that CAB has started a campaign to remind producers that the BQA program helps deliver a positive message to consumers. She says they are calling the program “Cut the Bull.” “We said Cut the Bull because if a consumer believes that any of our producers don’t care about their cattle- we know that’s bull.” Lee adds that a producer can get BQA certified and cut through the bull of any uncertainty consumers might have- allowing producers to get credit of taking care of their animals in the right way- which she adds that cattlemen and cattlewomen are already doing every single day.

CAB has set up a website Cut the Bull.Info that explains why they believe that producers who are willing to be BQA certified help the brand sell the consumer on the concept that CAB beef is not delicious but also is beef they can be confident has been raised the right way.

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