Southern Plains Perspective: 2022 Drought Monitor Map

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The last drought monitor map for 2022 is here! Ho Ho Oh No……

It’s the Holiday Season!   A time for joy and time for cheer…that is unless you live in Kansas and Oklahoma and have taken a look at the last drought monitor map for 2022 (remember, the darker the color, the drier it is).

I don’t know how to say this, but when it comes to drought, the folks in Western and Southern Kansas are definitely not having a pleasant end to the year.  The drought picture is also starting to move into more negative territory throughout Oklahoma as well—it seems that we may have gotten a little coal in our drought stocking this year along with our neighbor to the north. 

On a personal note, take a look at the dark blotch in Oklahoma just right at the break of the Central and Western parts of the state:

For those of you unfamiliar with Oklahoma geography, that smaller dark blotch straddles Blaine and Kingfisher Counties…right where I live.  

Yay me!!!  I promise I was good this year but somehow, when it comes to drought, we were put on the naughty list.

If you want a little more information on what is going on drought wise in Kansas you can catch the podcast we did with Matthew Sittel the Kansas Assistant State Climatologist earlier this month.   You can also check out the blog we wrote earlier this year about what assistance is currently available from USDA and how to contact their local USDA service center for more information.

Also be on the lookout for more of our “voices from the drought” videos over the next few weeks.  We hope to have them edited and posted shortly after the first of the year.  If you want to check out our first two videos in this series you can find them (and our other videos) here.

Here is hoping that in 2023 we can start writing about how to deal with too much rain!

Happy New Year!

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