Charolais Breed Continues to Stand out for Feed Efficiency and Muscle Quality

Click here to listen to Ron Hays talk with Clink Rusk about the Charolais Cattle Breed.

As the 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress is underway, Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, talks with the Executive Director of the American International Charolais Association and former animal science department head at Oklahoma State University, Clint Rusk, about the Charolais breed.

Two dozen breeds are showing at the third annual Cattlemen’s Congress held at the Oklahoma City fairgrounds- the Charolais breed being one of them. Originally from France, this breed is praised for its feed efficiency, heavy muscle and more.

“Charolais cattle have done extremely well this year,” Rusk said. “We have been through a few things- a few challenges- but as a breed, we are coming through those in good shape.”

The Charolais breed, Rusk said, is an important asset to the cattle industry because of the breed’s significant muscle, performance, and efficiency.

“Charolais cattle tend to gain weight with less pounds of feed than other breeds, and they are extremely muscular,” Rusk said. “They are also very lean cattle, so they do well, and they cross well with a number of other breeds, and I think that is where our niche is at.”

Held in a central location, Rusk said Cattlemen’s Congress has provided an excellent venue for individuals to travel from all over the country to exhibit their cattle.

“We get exhibitors from as far away as North Carolina, and we get exhibitors from the West and the North as well,” Rusk said. “It has been a good venue for us, and the folks here just do an outstanding job managing a livestock show for parking and exhibitors- all that kind of stuff. They just make it exhibitor friendly.”

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