Jarold Callahan Getting Positive Feedback about 2023 Cattlemen’s Congress

Listen to Ron Hays talking with Jarold Callahan about year three of Cattlemen’s Congress.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is visiting with the Cattlemen’s Congress Board Chairman, Jarold Callahan, talking about the third year of Cattlemen’s Congress as it winds down this week.

“I think the feedback has been tremendous from the exhibitors and also from the spectators,” Callahan said.

Three years ago, when the show began, Callahan said there was not as much traffic from non-exhibitors due to Covid. This year, Callahan said the crowd numbers have been up.

“The sales have been really, really good,” Callahan said. “There have been a lot of commercial men come in and participate in the various actions. Most of the sales are up dramatically this year.”

The higher prices seen in the cattle markets due to factors such as drought, Callahan said, were reflected in the sales at this year’s Cattlemen’s Congress.

Callahan also noted there has been positive feedback concerning the trade show.

“We have tried to keep with the theme that it is a cattle show for cattle people, run by cattlemen,” Callahan said. “We have tried to make it very, very user-friendly for the exhibitors and also for the people that want to come in and look around.”

Free parking and admittance to the show, Callahan said, has yielded good participation from all over the country.

 “The junior deal has been a big driver in the purebred cattle market on the females, and I think that is going to continue,” Callahan said. “I think these junior shows are stout. The quality is really, really good.”

Callahan had the chance to judge the Limousin junior heifer show.

“When you are judging a heifer show, you are trying to project them, and it is not an exact science,” Callahan said. “You are trying to project which ones are going to go on and be a contributor in the seed stock industry and make a good cow, and transmit her phenotype and her characteristics, EPD’s as well, and transmit the most breeding value onto her progeny over a period of time.”

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