Adam York with National Sorghum Producers Gives Sorghum Policy Update

Listen to Reagan Calk talk with Adam York about the latest in the sorghum industry.

At the Oklahoma Sorghum Producers meeting in Enid, Oklahoma, Associate Farm Editor, Reagan Calk visited with the Sustainability Director for the National Sorghum Producers, Adam York.

In his role, York provides leadership and advocacy surrounding the industry’s strategic sustainability initiatives to help advocate for sorghum. York works with brands and companies to demonstrate how sorghum farmers, mainly in the high plains, produce a sustainable crop responsibly.

Through USDA’S Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities, National Sorghum Producers was recently awarded a grant of up to 65 million dollars.

“National Sorghum Producers was awarded a grant of up to 65 million dollars from USDA for their partnerships for climate-smart commodities programs,” York said. “This program will be utilized to pay farmers for new practices that they adopt on their field to collect data for what is the back-end carbon sequestration and carbon intensity for those practices associated with the sorghum or the sorghum-based rotation that they have on their farm, ultimately for added-value and markets downstream that are looking for consumer demand climate-smart products.”

From the policy side in Washington, D.C, York said he is most focused on looking at what the circumstances are for the House and Senate and producing a farm bill that will be in the best interest of growers.

“It is still early, so time will tell, but we certainly will be following that discussion along,” York said.

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