Senate completes bill filing for 2023 session

The Senate has completed filing bills for the First Session of the 59th Legislature.  The deadline was Thursday, Jan. 19.  A total of 1,116 Senate Bills and 18 Senate Joint Resolutions were filed. 

The Thursday deadline did not apply to appropriations bills, which can be filed throughout the session. 

Senate rules also allow for bills by the President Pro Tempore of the Senate to be filed throughout the session. Senate Resolutions and Senate Concurrent Resolutions can be filed throughout the session as well.

Members of the public can read and download current legislation by going to the official Senate website at and following the link for legislation at the top of the homepage.  The Senate website also includes daily agendas, meeting notices, calendars, and other helpful information.

The 2023 legislative session will convene at noon on Monday, Feb. 6.  The Senate offers streaming audio and video with closed captioning from the Senate Chamber, as well as from all committee rooms on its website.  Wireless Internet access is available to all Capitol visitors throughout the Senate Gallery, rotunda, committee rooms, offices and press rooms.

You can also follow the Oklahoma State Senate @oksenate on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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