Sen. Burns files bill to eliminate squatter’s rights

Sen. George Burns, R-Pollard, has filed Senate Bill 456, which would eliminate the ability to claim any portion of a landowner’s property by adverse possession or “squatting”.

“While squatting has always been an issue, we saw a huge uptick in recent years as buildings were vacated during the pandemic,” Burns said. “This bill puts protections in place for property owners and gives them peace of mind that their land or home will not be infringed upon.”

Burns added that issues can also arise with fence line disputes or people building a structure too far over property lines.

“Whatever the issue may be, owners should not be losing their land or homes to people taking them over. People work hard for their property and this measure will help ensure that they are protected from others attempting to claim parts of it,” Burns said.

SB 456 can be heard after the legislative session begins on Feb. 6.

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