Check Driving Conditions across the State

With the latest bout of Winter Weather that has hit the state, and another round on the way, if you have to get out on the roads today, here’s the latest information that lets you know what road travel looks like. has all road conditions listed for Oklahoma and nearby States.

During winter weather, you can monitor our ground temperatures and driving conditions to see if you will be impacted. As a rule of thumb, once the 2″ soil temperatures fall into the 30s, frozen precipitation on area roadways is much more likely cause travel issues. Another method to use is that roadways will ice over once the air temperature drops below 28 degrees. (The maps below take you to the website where everything is clickable and you can zoom in for pictures of road conditions)

If you are headed out of state, you can also check conditions for Missouri, Kansas, Texas and more.

If you would like to call to check road conditions while you are traveling, in Oklahoma, you can call 844-465-4997, and in Texas call 800-452-9292.

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