OBC Launches Oklahoma Beef Directory

The Oklahoma Beef Council is developing a directory of ranches that sell beef direct from their farm. Oklahoma ranchers who market beef directly from their farm on a consistent basis are encouraged to sign up to be on the directory at this link: https://www.oklabeef.org/directorysignup.

“We’ve been getting more questions from consumers who are looking to buy beef directly from the farm,” said Heather Buckmaster, OBC executive director.  “We thought this would be a great time to compile a list and work with ranchers to get the word out about their beef retail enterprise.”

The Oklahoma Beef Directory will be part of the OBC website, www.oklabeef.org. OBC will promote this list on social media, through digital ads on YouTube and Google Search, and in a quarterly consumer e-newsletter.

In addition to the Oklahoma Beef Directory, OBC has the following Beef Checkoff resources ranchers can use when marketing their beef.

Confident Cooking with Beef is a booklet that serves as a comprehensive beef resource. It provides info on how to cook various cuts of beef properly, information about beef nutrition and sustainability. OBC can provide any of these resources at no cost to the producer so they can pass them along to consumers who purchase beef. Contact the OBC office at info@oklabeef.org to order.

OBC also has an extensive library of beef recipe photos on the Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. website. These photos are free to download and use in online marketing activities. Here’s how to access them:  

  1. Visit beefitswhatsfordinner.com under recipes.   
  2. Type in the cut of beef. 
  3. Recipes will populate the page. 
  4. Click on a recipe photo you like and to the right of the page will be photo links. 


Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.com has a vast library of beef checkoff-funded images, recipes and nutritional information that can be used by professionals in retail, foodservice and other beef-industry aligned fields to help market and promote beef. These resources are available through the Beef API and the NCBA Marketing Library. Sign up to access these photo libraries for free at https://www.beefitswhatsfordinner.com/resources/beef-marketing-asset-library

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