On Today’s Ag Perspectives Podcast, Ron Hays Talks to Israeli Ag Tour Guide Colin Lotzof About the Miracle of Ag in Israel

Wed, 22 Feb 2023 22:06:57 CST

Ron Hays talks Ag in Israel with Colin Lotzof

On this Ag Perspectives Podcast- Oklahoma Farm Report’s Ron Hays talks with Colin Lotzof, who served as one of two in country guides for Class XX of the Oklahoma Ag Leadership Program. Colin was the agricultural guide- who, as a third generation farmer, really understands the structure of agriculture unlike  few others in the country.

His training is in dairy science and he immigrated to Israel forty years ago from South Africa. He began showing off his dairy operation to visitors in 2000- and that led to people asking him to travel with their group and share his knowledge of ag with them. Along the way- he has established an ag management consulting business as well.

They discussed the wide variety of production seen in Israel- and the unique communal structure called the Kibbutz which has been a major tool in bringing success to the country in ag production.

Israel is known for it’s innovations in agriculture- and Colin explains how that has helped a land that has so few water resources stretch what they have to produce enough food to feed themselves- and in many commodities- allowed producers to export product as well.

They talk water, ag innovations and the future of farming in this small country on the Mediterranean Sea.

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Ron Hays talks Ag in Israel with Colin Lotzof

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