John Deere introduces new G5 Universal displays, JDLink M modem and StarFire 7000 Universal receiver

New G5 Universal displays, a new
JDLink M modem, and the StarFire 7000
Universal receiver are now available as aftermarket options.

John Deere has introduced new G5 Universal displays, a new JDLink™ M modem and is also making the StarFire™ 7000 Universal receiver available all as aftermarket options. These offerings make it easy for farmers to upgrade equipment they already own or to replace dated components so they can take advantage of current and future technology.
Compared to previous John Deere displays, the G5 Universal displays provide a 35% larger viewing area, three times faster processing speed and a high-definition screen. The G5 Universal displays come in two configurations – G5 with a 10.1-inch display and G5Plus with a 12.8-inch display. Farmers will appreciate the updated functionality and enhanced user experience the new displays provide. G5Plus includes AutoTrac, Documentation, and now Section Control in base, simplifying the purchase experience. With the G5 Advanced package, farmers can take their in-field productivity and performance to the next level with automation features that include AutoTrac™ Turn Automation, AutoPath™, Machine Sync, and In-field Data Sharing. The G5 Advanced software license provides these valuable capabilities while providing lower up-front cost, gets better over time, and you only pay for what your farm needs.
“The G5 Universal display provides more usable area on the run pages and makes it easier for you to control your equipment and to take advantage of future technology like autonomy,” said Christopher Murray, marketing manager for John Deere. “With the G5 Advanced package, you can improve the ease and accuracy of every pass by choosing the package tailored to your machine.”  
Introduced last year, the StarFire 7000 receiver features five years plus of repeatability, 73% faster pull-in times and is 17% more accurate when using SF-RTK when compared to previous models using SF3 signal. In addition, signal stability and reliability were improved and provide the highest level of guidance and accuracy John Deere has ever offered. Now, as an aftermarket option, farmers can add a StarFire 7000 Universal receiver to their equipment for improved functionality or to replace outdated GPS receivers for better accuracy and repeatability.
The JDLink M modem being offered can be installed in as quick as 15 minutes on John Deere and other brands of equipment and vehicles, making it possible to easily document machine and work data, and to make data transfer from those machines easier.
“The JDLink M modem was designed with legacy equipment, mixed fleets and support vehicles in mind,” said Ryan Stien, marketing manager for John Deere. “Our goal is to ensure every customer can benefit from the value connectivity provides. Whether it’s helping their dealer receive alerts on equipment, sharing agronomic data or monitoring logistics – connectivity makes it easier. The modem, along with the G5 Universal displays and StarFire 7000 Universal receiver, provide customers with a pathway to the future of precision ag.”
To learn more about these new precision ag components visit or contact your local John Deere dealer.

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