Madison Church of Canute FFA Wins Largest Breeding Doe Show in the Country at 2023 OYE

The 2023 Breeding Doe show at the Oklahoma Youth Expo was called by show officials the biggest hair goat doe show in the country- 720 Does were shown in four Divisions. Those Division Champs and Reserve Champs were in the Supreme Drive on Saturday afternoon in the Super Barn Arena- and judge Cade Halfmann of Texas selected the Division Three Champ shown by Madison Church of Canute FFA as the Supreme Champion of the show. Her all white goat, named Ghost, caught the eye of the judge early on and he called her the obvious choice for top honors.

Oklahoma Farm Report’s Ron Hays talked with Halfmann right after the show and talked about the kids and the goats and the rapid growth in show goats for 4-H and FFA- click on the Listen bar below

Ron Hays talks with Breeding Doe Show Judge Cade Halfmann

The Reserve Supreme Champion Breeding Doe also came from Division three and was shown by Tabrey Lierle of Hydro Eakley FFA.

The Division Four Champ was selected as this year’s Bronze Medallion Breeding Doe- shown by Jenna Holt of Hobart FFA.

Click here for the full schedule for the 2023 OYE. The Oklahoma Farm Report team will be snapping pictures from start to finish- and you can see them as we add them to our Flickr album for 2023- available here. If you want to look back to the 2022 OYE- click here for our pictures from last year’s event.

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