Innovative Farmers Learn about Total Acre from the Nation’s Best at event during Commodity Classic

Chicken and biscuits were on the plate and insights from world-record-holding farmers David Hula and Randy Dowdy were on the table during a special Total Acre Grower Breakfast held at one of the nation’s largest Chick-fil-A restaurants, during Commodity Classic 2023 in Orlando.

World record corn and soybean yield holders, Dowdy, a Georgia farmer, and Hula, a Virginia farmer, were joined by innovative corn and soybean farmers from across the country for the early morning discussion about profitability, optimizing crop yields and the 2023 planting season. Topics ranged from embracing advances such as precision agriculture and the use of cover crops to the importance of building soil health.

“Farming is like a big family,” said Hula. “At Total Acre, our members are like family too. That relationship is what drives our ability to share the crop production information we have learned. Gathering at a Chick-fil-A, one of my personal favorites, and sharing time with my favorite people in the world, American farmers, offered a great way to talk about this year’s crop and take a moment to celebrate the family spirit that lives in all U.S. crop growers.”

“We are always looking for interesting ways to connect farming and food,” said Lea Kimley, Director of Client Services at Stratovation Group, which planned and managed the event for Total Acre. “Being able to hold this Total Acre event at such an iconic food venue as Chick-fil-A really drove home a sense of community among the farmers.”

Total Acre is a three-year program where hundreds of growers nationwide glean knowledge from Hula and Dowdy, two of the highest-yielding farmers in the world. In addition to the shared expertise, each Total Acre grower benefits from four, two-day farm camps every year, a dynamic software system customized to the industry, and a community of other growers to support them well beyond the program. To learn more, join the Total Acre interest list at:

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