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Farm Director, KC Sheperd, is visiting with the Executive Director of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation, Mariah Reimer, talking about the upcoming Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Foundation Spring Seminar, which will be held on March 30, 2023 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Devon Boathouse in Oklahoma City.

The goal of the seminar, Reimer said, is to promote the OCA and to provide educational access to all ages.
“It is the first spring seminar we have had and we are hoping to do this annually in the spring and fall,” Reimer said.

Guest speakers, Reimer said, will include Brady Sidwell, Dr. Shannon Ferrell, Kelli Payne and Sherri Glazier. OCA Executive Vice President Michael Kelsey will also be giving a legislative update, she added.

“We wanted to kick it off with a really big bang, which is why we have Brady Sidwell- he is going to speak on risk management, which any cattle producer knows that is a huge topic that we are going to go into for 2023 and probably for a couple of years,” Reimer said. “He is an expert in his field, he runs multiple businesses and he is just a tremendous individual.”

Kelli Payne, Reimer said, will be speaking on diversification within an operation.

“Personally, I am really excited about that one, because anybody who knows Kelli, (knows) she is definitely an expert for diversification,” Reimer said. “She is always thinking, she is always on her toes, she always has ideas going, which is exactly what agriculturalists need to be thinking of.”

Sherri Glazier, who is well-known for her work with the Beef Checkoff, Reimer said, will be giving media training on agriculture and why it is important regardless of the size of an operation. The day will end with Dr. Shannon Ferrell, Reimer said, talking about generational transfer.

“I think it is important to have a plan, I think it is important to think of that for your heir,” Reimer said. “If you don’t have an heir, from a foundation’s perspective, if you don’t have an heir, you need to have a plan.”

After each speaker there will be a breakout session, Reimer said, where attendees will have the chance to ask the speaker more questions on the second floor of the Devon Boathouse.

The seminar, Reimer said, will be a great opportunity for those inside and outside of the agriculture industry to receive a broad spectrum of valuable information.

Reimer also announced that a women’s seminar next fall in Stillwater is in the works. The seminar is aimed to help women find and grow their confidence to continue be part of the agriculture industry.

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