Bob Rodenberger Emphasizes the Importance of Locking in a Profit

 Click here to listen to KC Sheperd talk with Bob Rodenberger about the lastest in the livestock markets.

KC Sheperd, Farm Director, is back talking with Bob Rodenberger, a partner with Stockman Oklahoma Livestock Marketing, as he gives the latest on the cattle markets. 

Runs have been lighter compared to 30 days ago, Rodenberger said, but the market is good.

“Most of the cattle are going to grass, you know, your 500-pound calves and up,” Rodenberger said. “We are seeing a lot of 300-pound calves being bought in preparation for down the road- having ownership- which is great for the seller.”

With LRP allowing individuals to buy price protection, Rodenberger said, there is some margin to cover expenses. Locking a profit in, Rodenberger added, is a great way to protect from a “black swan” event.

“We have seen the calf market good; we have seen the yearling market good, and the cow market would be fully steady,” Rodenberger said. “We are selling the very, very front-end, high yielding killing cows for over a dollar.”

Even the average cows, Rodenberger said, are bringing 30 cents more than they were 45 days ago.

Lower runs are to be expected right now, Rodenberger said, as we are in between seasons. Those who are going to cut their wheat have already pulled cattle off, he added, and others who are grazing out are going to carry their cattle as far as they can.

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