Thank a Farmer this Easter

Easter is a holiday that is celebrated by many people across the world. Did you know that farming plays a crucial role in many Easter traditions? From Easter baskets full of candy and sweets, to hidden eggs and baby livestock, in the United States, Easter symbolizes a rebirth and the unofficial kick-off to spring.

Here are some interesting facts, which showcase the impact that farmers have on Easter celebrations:

  • An estimated 180 million eggs will be purchased and used for decoration and made into deviled eggs.
  • 700 million marshmallow peeps will be sold.
  • 90 million chocolate bunnies will be produced.
  • 16 million jelly beans will be consumed.
  • Chicks and bunnies are also  popular Easter gifts.

This year when you are decorating eggs, searching for your basket of goodies and enjoying your candy, don’t forget to thank a farmer.



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