OKFB to host annual food matching program

Oklahoma Farm Bureau is excited to host the third-annual Community Food Assistance Matching Program to connect county Farm Bureaus with their community.

The program provides matching funds up to $100 for county Farm Bureaus that donate to a food assistance program.County Farm Bureaus can receive matching funds for donating to local food banks, food pantries, meals on wheels and other food assistance programs with a food donation, food drive or monetary donation.

Farmers and ranchers across Oklahoma create food, fiber and fuel for people in their communities, and OKFB members understand the importance of giving back to their communities.

County Farm Bureaus are encouraged to reach out to their local food assistance program to see what items are needed most to make the county’s donation impact even greater.

OKFB will match any donation up to $100 to the food assistance program of choice. OKFB will send a separate check to the chosen program.

Matching forms must be submitted by May 31 to receive the OKFB match. To receive the matching funds from OKFB, county Farm Bureaus must host the food drive or make a monetary donation, present the donation to the food assistance program of choice, and fill out the reimbursement form, which can be found on the OKFB application center.

For more information or questions, contact OKFB Communications Specialist Rebekah Nash at (405) 523-2300.

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