Oklahoma Cattlemen Respond to Inquiries Regarding mRNA Vaccine Use in Cattle

Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, Michael Kelsey, tells the Oklahoma Farm Report that the OCA office has had multiple calls from state lawmakers as well as consumers in regard to mRNA Vaccine technology and cattle. Kelsey has shared with us a sample of a letter that he has been sending to the Senate and House in the Oklahoma legislature about the rumors circulating on Social Media regarding mRNA vaccines and beef cattle- and how that might somehow transmit something like COVID-19 vaccine to those eating meat.

Kelsey tells the lawmakers (and as they talk to consumers) that “there are no current mRNA vaccines licensed/approved for use in beef cattle in the United States or worldwide.

Read the sample letter provided to us below. You can also check out our Friday April 21st Beef Buzz with Mike Deering of the Missouri Cattlemen’s Association talking with Ron Hays about this subject- and a bill defeated in a Missouri State House Committee this week that is related to this conversation- click here to jump to that conversation.

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