Oklahoma Cattlemen Appreciate Action to Hold Marijuana Grows Accountable

SB 913 which requires marijuana grow operations to have a bond of at least $50,000 was signed into law by the Governor late last week. OCA strongly supported this bill as a measure to hold grow operations accountable especially when they are abandoning the land or losing their license to grow and leave behind a mess of trash including plastics and unknown chemicals. OCA appreciates Senator Darcy Jech for authoring the bill and Representative Anthony Moore leading the bill in the House. Attorney General Drummond was also very supportive and helpful with the bill.

Commercial operations may operate without a bond if the licensee has owned the land for at least five years before submitting their application.

“This legislation has been a work in progress and did not make it through the legislative process last year. This gave us time to improve the bill and bring it back this year in its best form. I greatly appreciate Attorney General Drummond’s advice and assistance on this measure, as well as the House author, Rep. Anthony Moore for getting this bill through his chamber,” Sen. Darcy Jech said. 

OCA continues to work with the Legislature, Governor and Attorney General’s office to advance measures reigning in the Wild West environment of growing marijuana in Oklahoma.

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