Creating a Legacy of Life-Long Learning with the 2023 National Corn Yield Contest

59 years young and still growing!  The 2023 National Corn Yield Contest (NCYC) opens today . . . and together, entrants will contribute their expertise and innovation to create a pool of agronomic knowledge that has been almost six decades in the making. 

This year, the contest has added a Nitrogen Management class. This new pilot class is open to the first 100 entries from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio or Wisconsin.

“We intend to keep the existing contest as it is for as many years as growers are interested in participating. But I do think there is this desire to keep building on the contest and exploring new opportunities,” said NCGA Director of Crop Inputs and Investor Relations Nicole Hasheider in a recent interview with NAFB. “So, this is very much a pilot year for the nitrogen management class, but we really do see this and hopefully some other categories down the line becoming permanent fixtures of the contest, and opening up those opportunities for growers who already participate in the contest to have a new challenge or opening up to some farmers who maybe haven’t participated in the past and want to try something new and different.”

The 2023 contest opens today with the entry period closing on August 16, 2023. All harvest forms will be due by November 30 and contest winners will be announced on December 13.  Winners will receive national recognition in publications, such as the NCYC Corn Yield Guide. All 2023 winners will be honored at Commodity Classic 2024 in Houston, Texas.

Questions? Contact NCYC at 636-733-5512 or email

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