House T&I Committee Considers Legislation Related to Supply Chain Issues

On Tuesday, May 23, the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee will consider over 15 individual pieces of legislation related to supply chain issues.

Several provisions within Rep. Dusty Johnson’s (R-SD) SHIP IT Act—legislation that ASA endorsed—will be under consideration. Bills include:

  • The LICENSE Act to create more flexibility in CDL testing (LaHood, R-IL)
  • Truck Parking Improvement Act to improve safety for truck operators (Bost, R-IL)
  • Legislation to allow a 10% axle variance for dry bulk hauling (Crawford, R-AK)
  • Legislation to authorize a 91,000 lb. weight exemption pilot program (Johnson, SD)

Specifically looking at the weight exemption pilot program, increasing weight limits remains a top priority for ASA. The legislation will require the Secretary of Transportation to establish a voluntary pilot program allowing a state to increase weight limits on federal interstates up to 91,000 pounds on 6-axle vehicles.

Participants will submit a report on the number of accidents involving 6-axle vehicles in the program and the estimated gross vehicle weight of each vehicle at the time of the accident. Through this pilot program, the goal is to prove that heavier trucks are not necessarily more dangerous, and that higher federal weight limits should be considered seriously. ASA will be monitoring this markup but encourages ASA members with Congressional representatives on the T&I Committee to reach out to their members in support of the weight exemption pilot program via ASA’s advocacy platform.

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