Dairy MAX Celebrates National Dairy Month

Month-Long Recognition Highlighting the Innumerable Contributions of the U.S. Dairy Farmer

Every year the month of June signifies the end of the school year and the beginning of summer vacation for most American families, but for dairy farmers it takes on a more significant meaning. This June will mark the 86th year celebrating the contributions dairy farmers, their cows and the entire dairy industry give to communities.

Initially, the dairy industry coined the month of June as “National Milk Month” and the angle was to connect consumers with ice cold milk during one of the hottest months of the year. The month-long celebration has evolved into a month filled with highlights encompassing every aspect of the dairy industry.

Dairy farmers have long been known for their tireless efforts in providing nutritious meals to schools, families and communities. Recognizing the year-round intensive labor put forth by our dairy farmers to provide this nutrition, while also being great stewards of the environment, is what National Dairy Month is all about.

“I have seen firsthand the sacrifice our farmers make in order to provide their communities with a vital source of nutrition,” said Todd Green, vice president of industry image and relations for Dairy MAX. “On this 86th year recognizing National Dairy Month, I think it is important we honor the determination and resiliency of every farmer and the critical role they play in our daily lives.”

For the month of June, Dairy MAX, a non-profit dairy council representing more than 900 dairy farm families across eight states, will honor and recognize the tenacious heart of the dairy farmer and their commitment to their animals, their land and their communities.

Understanding natural resources is essential to everything dairy farmers do, they continuously seek ways to give more than they use, paving the way for future generations of farmers. The role of the dairy farmer is vital and Dairy MAX plans to honor the annual month-long event by amplifying the importance of this industry and the admirable practices farmers have adopted along the way in their efforts to ensure future generations have access to the same nutrition.

“We, as dairy farmers, recognize the obligation we have in providing safe and nutritious dairy to our communities,” said Leanne Robison, Oklahoma dairy farmer. “Dairy farmers, for decades, have put forth great effort in taking care of the animals and the land on which they produce food for their communities. This is something we hope our communities recognize and celebrate during the month of June with National Dairy Month.”

Aside from providing cost-efficient, nutritious food, the dairy industry also creates jobs and stimulates local economies. For decades dairy farms have provided a significant source of income for families across the world. Over three million U.S. jobs are created by the dairy industry, generating around $41.6 billion in direct wages, proving the multi-faceted dairy industry is not only beneficial to our health, but to our economy as well.

Join us this June as people across the nation give well-deserved applause to the dairy industry for providing a safe source of nutrition, caring for their animals, preserving the land and leaving a legacy that showcases the grit and determination of the American farmer. Visit DairyMAX.org or DairyDiscoveryZone.com to learn more and find additional resources to honor our farmers during National Dairy Month.

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