2023 Wheat Harvest Underway in Oklahoma

2023 Wheat Harvest Underway southwest of Altus on May 30th

As we wrap up the month of May- combines are rolling in the southwest counties of Oklahoma- and Mike Schulte with the Oklahoma Wheat Commission has shared some early numbers ahead of his first official report that he plans to release later today.

The picture above is from a wheat field southwest of Altus on Tuesday.

Schulte tells us that one of the very first reports has come in from Eldorado- it was the end of last week (Thursday) for a half load of wheat- moisture was borderline at 14.7 percent- test weight was 60.5 pounds per bushel and protein was reported at 15 percent.

At the start this week on Monday- there were a few loads taken in in Grandfield and Frederick.

Moisture was running 12.5% to 13.5% and test weights are running 60 to 62 pounds per bushel. Mike says that he was told of one small patch that was making 43 bushels per acre in the Frederick area- but adds “keep in mind this is considered the bright spot in the state as far as crop conditions go.”

We also have one Facebook report from Jimmy Kinder of Walters- the pic below was from Monday with the message- harvest starts tomorrow- Jimmy tells us last night on his page “1st field 40bu/acre. Good test weight. I’m happy.”

Fully Ripe Wheat Field near Walters (courtesy of Jimmy Kinder via Facebook)

We have been praying for rain for months- and God has provided- farmers that have wheat that will make a crop are praying now for a bit of dry weather- this is the face of rain chances in many of these locations now into the weekend.

More harvest info from Mike Schulte and the Oklahoma Wheat Commission later on Wednesday, May 31st.

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