Wheat Harvest 20 Percent Complete in Oklahoma Amidst Scattered Rains Across the State

Photo courtesy of the Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Oklahoma Harvest Report

By: The Oklahoma Wheat Commission

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Oklahoma Wheat harvest continues in Southern Oklahoma, as light rains have scattered across the state in several places since Monday afternoon.  Some places have received 2/100ths while others have received over 1 ½ inches depending on location. (It has been reported some places in Southwest Oklahoma might have received 1 and 3/10ths of moisture and on the other side of a town or county no rain was received at all.)  Despite the rain, several locations in Southern Oklahoma are still reporting good quality wheat on what is being taken in.  Heavier rains have brought test weights down some.   Most locations are still reporting averages to be 60 lbs. per bushel or higher.  Several locations down in South Central Oklahoma are reporting ranges still from 61-65 lbs. per bushel.

Moisture has been ranging from 11.5-13%. Yields on wheat being taken in as harvest progresses has been favorable to this point.  Most are reporting 30 to 40 bushels per acre depending on the location. (Several instances of 50 bushel wheat being reported where timely rains were received.)  Some high management intensive producers in rare instances have reported yields in the mid 70’s to low 80’s.  (Keep in mind the reporting on the yield is still mainly being reported on the region in the state that is predicted to a have the best wheat.)  Elevator managers have some concerns as harvest progresses further North that the test weight and quality will not be as favorable since we continue to receive larger amounts of moisture in these regions. Protein averages are being reported in a wide range from 10.5% to 13.5% depending on location.  Some have reported protein to be as high as 15.5% on few select fields.  Average for all areas being reported is 11.5% to 12.5%

The Oklahoma Wheat Commission is calling Oklahoma Wheat harvest 20% complete.

Eldorado- Test weights raining from 60 to 66 lbs. per bushel. Yields being reported from low 30’s to low 50’s depending on location.  Protein ranging from 10.5% to 14%.  This region is considered 60 to 65% complete with harvest.

Grandfield/Chattanooga- Test weights ranging from 61-64 lbs. per bushel. Moisture reported at 12.5%. Yields ranging mostly from 30 bushels to 50 bushels per acre. Grandfield region is 60% completed, Chattanooga region is 35% complete with harvest.

Devol- Yields reported from the low 30’s to mid 50’s.  Test weights ranging from 61-64 lbs. per bushel.  Moisture is 12.5%.  This region is 65% complete with harvest.

Frederick- Test weights in this region averaging 61 lbs. per bushel.  Yields being reported from low 20’s to mid 40’s depending on location. Protein ranging from 10.5% to 12%, with the average for this region at 10.9%.  This region is 65% complete with harvest.

Altus/Duke- Test weights ranging 59 lbs. to 62 lbs. per bushel. Early yields reported from the high 20’s to low 40’s depending on location.  Protein reported at 10.5-12.5%  This region is 20% harvested.

Hobart/Roosevelt- Early loads received last week had test weights reported at 59 lbs. to 62 lbs. per bushel. Yields ranging from the mid 20’s to low 40’s. Protein was reported at 12%-14%.  This region is 20% harvested.

Lone Wolf- Harvest is just getting started in this region.  Early test weights were not as high in the region and ranging from 57 lbs. to 61 lbs. per bushel.  No yields being reported.

Apache- This area continues to be plagued with rains and high humidity which has made harvesting difficult.  Only 3 loads have been reported taken in as of today in this region.  Test weight on the wheat was averaging 60 lbs. per bushel.  No yields or proteins have been reported.

Rocky/Sentinel- Early test cuttings took place last week but heavy rains have delayed harvest in both the Sentinel and Rocky areas this week.   Test weights on early cuttings ranged from 58 lbs. to 62 lbs. per bushel.  No yields have been reported.

Hinton- Wheat harvest has just started today in this region as producers missed rains that were received in other parts of the state last night.   Test weights averaged 61.4 lbs. per bushel on the first few loads taken in.  No yields reported.  Protein was averaging 13.4%.

Greenfield- Wheat harvest has started in this region and continues today as producers missed rains surrounding the majority of this area last night. Generally, wheat harvest starts 5 to 10 days later in this area than other parts in the central regions of Oklahoma, but that will not be the case this year. Test weights in this region so far are ranging from 60 lbs. to 61 lbs. per bushel.  No yields and proteins have been reported on early cuttings.

Below, see the next 7 day forecast and 3-Day Rainfall Accumulations recorded by the Oklahoma Mesonet.  The next Oklahoma Harvest Report will be published on Monday, June 12, 2023, and a regional report will be published by Plains Grain Inc. on Friday, June 9, 2023

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