Service Oklahoma to Partner with Driving Schools for Expanded Access to Services

Service Oklahoma (SOK) will soon partner with independent driving schools to expand access to driver’s licenses services, including testing, issuance of licenses and out-of-state transfers.

Rep. Mike Osburn, R-Edmond, worked with a group of elected officials, SOK and driving school leadership across the state to develop the pilot program, which is anticipated to launch Aug. 21. The pilot program, developed in coordination with Merkley’s Driving School, would allow their trained staff to utilize SOK terminals past office hours to enter drive test score and transfer drivers from permits to intermediate licenses.

If successful, the program would reduce the number of intermediate upgrades in line at SOK locations each day and could be applied to other drive schools at SOK locations across the state.

“The demand is so high right now that unfortunately hundreds of Oklahomans have had difficulty resolving their license issues promptly,” Osburn said. “Enabling driving schools to provide select services after regular business hours will provide more flexibility, making the process more efficient by reducing lines and wait times. Collaborations between public and private entities provide an innovative approach to issues people across the state are facing right now. I applaud Jay Doyle and his team at Service Oklahoma for recognizing this need and working with us to find a solution.”

To develop the pilot program, Osburn worked with Rep. Dell Kerbs, R-Shawnee; Rep. Eric Roberts, R-Oklahoma City; Rep. Nicole Miller, R-Edmond; Rep. Preston Stinson, R-Edmond; Sen. Kristen Thompson, R-Edmond; Sen. Jessica Garvin, R-Duncan; Sen. Adam Pugh, R-Edmond; Edmond City Councilmember Tom Robins; Service Oklahoma Chief Executive Officer Jay Doyle and Chief Strategy & Operating Officer Diedra O’Neil; and Edmond businessman Scott Merkley.

“Service Oklahoma is thrilled to engage with partners who share our commitment to serving Oklahomans,” said Doyle. “As we continue to find ways to improve the experience for our customers, we appreciate the state legislature’s support and look forward to this new partnership.”

“I’ve heard from numerous parents and student drivers who have had frustrations with the long waits and grueling processes, and I hope this pilot program will address the immediate needs of our communities,” said Merkley. “I want to thank Representative Osburn for bringing everyone to the table to develop a solution that will offer Oklahomans additional opportunities to take their driving exams, upgrade their license and transfer out-of-state licenses.” SOK has updated its website to include the nearly 60 driving schools that perform Class D drive tests, including options to filter by service required and information about the nearest location

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