When Will We See Significant Rain Next?

Well, the Summer Started off with some great, drought-busting Rains, but has quickly turned back to the dry, hot desert. According to State Climatologist Gary McManus the 6-10 day Precipitation Outlook shows below normal chances of rain, “Just looking at some of the forecast model output for that time frame tells me the chances for SIGNIFICANT rainfall, those that would put the flash drought on the back burner for a bit, are pretty slim as of now.”

McManus says if we don’t see any pattern changes take place, the flash drought could continue, “I’ll just say that
the pessimistic forecast means our flash drought (and long-term drought for those in far SW and NC Oklahoma) will continue unabated for awhile longer. The non-official “official” beginning of this flash drought would be traced back to
around July 12, so as we look at the stats going forward from there, we see that it will probably approach 2 months long before it has a chance to get better.”

McManus said our best chance for up to an inch of rain or more between now and September 12 would be 2 months from the beginning of the flash drought. There is always the possibility of catching rainfall from tropical storms, so we will hold onto that hope for the time being, and the thought that it DOES “usually” rain at the State Fair of Oklahoma!

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