Dairy Producer Angie Meyer Shares “Ins and Outs” of Involvement with Beef and Dairy Checkoffs

Ice cream judges: Steve Beck- State of Oklahoma 4-H Program Leader, Ron Hays and Angie Meyer, Dairy Producer, and DairyMAX Board Member
Listen to Ron Hays talk with Angie Meyer about the Beef and Dairy Checkoffs.

Editor’s Note- Oklahoma Farm Report’s Ron Hays was one of three judges at the 2023 State Fair of Oklahoma DairyMAX Cow to Cone Ice Cream Contest- and he talked with fellow judge and dairy producer Angie Meyer about her involvement in checkoff efforts for both the beef and dairy industries.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is talking with Angie Meyer about the Beef and Dairy Checkoffs. Meyer and her family are dairy producers in Kingfisher County in central Oklahoma. She is part of both the beef and dairy checkoffs, representing Oklahoma on the Cattlemen’s Beef Promotion Board, and is also on the DairyMax board of directors.

“I am a big advocate for checkoff,” Meyer said. “I feel like them being able to advocate for us and push our products, whether it is dairy as a whole milk, as a cheese, as a yogurt, or anything else, DairyMax does a wonderful job with reaching schools, children, young adults, even geriatric….”

Angie “Milking” June the Dairy Cow at the Dairy Discovery Zone exhibit at the 2023 State Fair of Oklahoma.

Regarding outreach efforts, Meyer said DairyMax is diving into the gaming sector.

“Out of eight million in the population, three million people are gamers, and they love dairy,” Meyer said. “It is crazy watching videos and meeting some of these people and how much they advocate for us.”

Meyer said dairy makes up about 26 percent of the Beef Checkoff and the beef industry as a whole.

“Dairy is what they consider a very lean beef,” Meyer said. “It goes into a lot of restaurant meat. I love my role with the Beef Checkoff, and I was excited to have that opportunity.”

The structure of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board is producer driven, Meyer said, where individuals from all parts of the industry have a voice.

“You also make decisions on how the Checkoff dollars are spent and what programs are funded,” Meyer said.

The research side of the Checkoff, which Meyer is part of, is critical because that information is relayed to health professionals to give recommendations to the consumer about beef.

“The research and that information we can give them about how beef is good in the early years, dairy is definitely a must, and what it does to grow strong bones, healthy children, healthy adults, and older adults as well…,” Meyer said.

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