Policy Update and More with OCA’s Michael Kelsey

Listen to Michael Kelsey talk about the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Fly-In, and more.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster Ron Hays is featuring comments from Associate Farm Editor Reagan Calk’s visit with the Executive Vice President of the Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association, Michael Kelsey.

Kelsey gives an update on the latest work in Washington D.C. during the Oklahoma State Chamber of Commerce Fly-In, and more.

Kelsey said that one of the issues talked about at the fly-in was black vulture regulations in the Migratory Bird Act.

“There is a House Bill that would allow for more taking of those birds,” Kelsey said. “Right now, there is a permit that allows you to take five over a year. When you are in a calving season and you run out there and there are 30 birds, circling in the heifer pen, taking five is just not going to work.”

The Environmental Protection Agency has also issued a new decision regarding pesticide application that Kelsey said will have a big impact on the eastern side of the state.

“This new restriction is relative to the Endangered Species Act and so it hits things like the American burying beetle and some other smaller species…what it would do is it would drastically prohibit the pesticide uses…,” Kelsey said.

The OFF Act is also a big issue, Kelsey said, as it poses a threat to the Beef Checkoff.

“We want to make sure we defeat that because the Beef Checkoff does such a great job promoting our product and defending our product on a daily basis,” Kelsey said.

As the Tulsa State Fair is coming up, Kelsey said fair attendees are encouraged to visit with OCA staff and volunteers at the OCA Beef Tent and enjoy a ribeye steak sandwich.

“We are coming up on 40 years of the beef tent at the Tulsa State Fair,” Kelsey said. “What this allows us to do is present a great beef package. We use a ribeye steak sandwich to fairgoers. It gives us an opportunity to highlight our product and what we do.”

Kelsey said that the Tulsa State Fair is a great opportunity to showcase the beef product, as many visitors attend the fair because of the many food options.

“Here we are right in the middle of the state fair offering a ribeye steak sandwich, which is one of the most nutritious, healthy, tastiest products you can get for an extremely affordable price as compared to the other options out of the state fair,” Kelsey said.

Coming up, Kelsey said the OCA will be hosting Fall Gatherings across the state of Oklahoma.

“We are going to have nine gatherings across the state of Oklahoma this year,” Kelsey said.

While OCA members are encouraged to attend, Kelsey said the meetings are open to any cattle producers or land owners. A free dinner is also provided at the Fall Gatherings, Kelsey added.

Membership is emphasized, Kelsey said, because it gives cattle producers across the state a voice at the State Capitol and in Washington, D.C.

“When I am doing my lobbying work down at the State Capitol, it is really easy to lose touch with what is going on out in the real world,” Kelsey said. “Whether it be drought-related, cattle-related, or any of those types of things. This gives us a grand opportunity to go to the countryside and say, ‘You don’t have to drive very far; come tell us what is on your mind, what is important, and let’s talk about those issues and tackle them together.’”

The dates for the Fall Gatherings will be publicized in the latest editions of Cowman Magazine and in the calendar section of the OCA website, https://www.okcattlemen.org/.

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