Elanco’s Zelnate Works to Prevent BRD and Lung Damage in Cattle

Cattle grazing on Wheat pasture.
Listen to Ron Hays talk with Ron Tessman about BRD.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is talking with Elanco Animal Health Principal Research Scientist Ron Tessman, about Bovine Respiratory Disease.

“We look at across any of the sectors of the cattle industry, and BRD is right there at the top, if not at the top when we think about cost,” Tessman said. “It is not just the monetary cost of treatment, but the cost associated with labor, with identifying the disease, and really the cost associated with production losses that we may not even recognize.”

The lungs of a cow are set up to receive BRD, Tessman said, as research has found that many cows have had BRD without treatment. Because of the long-term implications of BRD on the health of cattle, Tessman recommends administering Zelnate.

“It is a product that is unique in the market when we think about those things that are approved for BRD, in that it is not an antibiotic and it is not a vaccine,” Tessman said. “It is termed an immunostimulant. I prefer to call it an immunomodulator.”

Tessman said Zelnate is effective in reducing and prevent illness due to BRD and lung damage.

“It works immediately in stimulating that innate immune response,” Tessman said.

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