INHERIT Select By Zoetis Helps Ranchers Make Selection Decisions Sooner to Identify Future Replacements

Listen to Ron Hays talk with Kevin Milliner about INHERIT Select.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is back talking with Zoetis Cattle Genetics Specialist, Kevin Milliner, about INHERIT Select.

Zoetis offers a product called INHERIT Select that provides accurate insights on the potential of commercial crossbred replacement heifers in a matter of a few weeks. INHERIT Select is an innovative, multi-breed genomic test and weekly genetic evaluation providing predictions for commercial females , including crosses of eight major breeds.

The test delivers Genomic Expected Progeny Differences (GEPDs) and percentile rankings for 19 traits and five economic indexes as well as sire and dam parentage verification and breed composition. Predictions from INHERIT Select provide commercial cow-calf producers with genetic insights to make replacement female selection and breeding decisions.

Milliner says when you start thinking about the various traits you can identify with this product, the potential is outstanding.

With INHERIT Select, Milliner said you can make selection decisions sooner to identify future replacements. Heifers can be tested at weaning or at any time when a tissue sample may be collected. Selecting the right replacements is not only critical to the future of your herd, but it has a direct impact on short-term profitability.

“Then, we have a chance to be able to look at some areas that perhaps cows have the horsepower to do what you want them to do, but they have some places that you need to make some improvements,” Milliner said.

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