New American Angus Association President Barry Pollard Talks Genetics

Listen to Ron Hays talk with Barry Pollard about the Angus business.

At the Annual Angus Convention, Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, had the opportunity to talk with the new president and chairman of the board of the American Angus Association, and Oklahoma seedstock producer, Dr. Barry Pollard. Hays and Pollard talk about the role he will serve and the latest technology in the beef industry.

Pollard said he has always been interested in Angus cattle. From raising stocker cattle to having a background in medicine and genetics, Pollard said after he became more involved in Angus genetics and raising Angus cattle years ago, serving in a leadership role had been on his mind for quite some time.

“I have gone nationwide purchasing good genetics from other prominent breeders,” Pollard said. “We select the matings, and we do a lot of embryo transplant, and we do a lot of flushing of the cowherd. We do a lot of invitro fertilization, and of course, through flushing and IVF, that is the fastest way to make improvements in your herd and multiply the good genetics.”

Pollard also talked about the use of gene editing in recent years. One of the conversations the Angus board has had regarding this subject is the rules that may need to be in place to monitor the edits that come forward.

Gene editing is a cutting-edge technology that can help with disease resistance and more.

“We have been working on the policies that we can utilize if and when a gene edit has come to us to see if it will be allowed in the Angus industry,” Pollard said.

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