U.S. Custom Harvesters Continues to Service Farmers with Top-of-the-Line Equipment and Staff  

Listen to KC Sheperd talk with Mark Anderson about U.S. Custom Harvesters.

At the U.S. Custom Harvesters booth at the 2023 NAFB Convention, Farm Director KC Sheperd talked with custom forage harvester Mark Anderson.

“We take the whole crop and chop it into pieces to make cattle feed for feedlots, dairies, and farms and ranches,” Anderson said.

Anderson talked about why utilizing custom harvesting can aid farmers in numerous ways.

“We have the equipment, the staff, and the people to be able to handle the harvest demands in a timely manner,” Andreson said.

With professional harvesters paired with the latest equipment, Anderson said the turnaround time on the harvest is generally quick. Anderson said that the U.S. Custom Harvesters serve many repeat customers each year, but they are also available to aid farmers who may not be able to harvest their crops due to health reasons, family emergencies, and more.

“The best customers we have are the repeat customers, but we will make arrangements to fit what we have to,” Anderson said.

U.S. Custom Harvesters also has a podcast available on all platforms called Harvester Hype that comes out every other Wednesday.

To learn more about U.S. Custom Harvesters, visit https://uschi.com/ or visit them on Facebook.

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