Cattlemen’s Congress is Up and Running as 2024 Arrives

Texas Longhorns Junior Female Show- December 31, 2023 in Jim Norick Arena
Ron Hays Beef Buzzes with Bray Haven About Year Four of Cattlemen’s Congress- now underway at the OKC Fairgrounds

Cattlemen’s Congress is back for the fourth time at the OKC Fairgrounds- and is poised to once again be easily the largest beef cattle show in North America as it gets underway for its fourth show. The numbers are impressive- over 8,000 entries spread out over 25 beef breeds with shows happening daily December 30 through January 11th- 15 sales featuring elite genetics that will generate several million dollars- not to mention the countless private treaty sales that exhibitors will be able to close back in the barns.

When it was established in 2021- Cattlemen’s Congress’ goal was to provide a world class event specifically designed for cattlemen and women to gather, showcase and market their elite cattle genetics. 

Congress is a stock show that from day one, is for cattlemen and women managed by cattlemen and women. The Fourth Cattlemen’s Congress continues to follow that course. Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster Ron Hays talked with Executive Vice President Bray Haven on New Year’s Eve as the Show was jumping into road gear- listen to their complete conversation by tapping on the Listen Bar above- and Haven says the barns are filling up and cattle producers from across the United States are excited to return to Oklahoma City and the OKC Fairgrounds for another Congress.

There are 25 breeds on display and showing this year- the newest addition being the Highland breed. One of the more recently added breeds- the Texas Longhorns– were showing on the opening weekend and experienced a thirty percent growth in numbers from year one of their show. Another breed that is growing in numbers being shown is the Speckle Park breed- they are holding their second annual National Sale at Cattlemen’s Congress this year.

Haven tells Hays that another aspect of this event that continues to shine is the Trade Show- a combination of cattle industry cutting edge production technology and lots of western bling and western wear. Once again for the fourth Congress- the trade show is sold out- and he expects some visitors to Congress are coming first and foremost to check out the many trade show exhibitors on the OKC Fairgrounds.

Admission and parking is once again free for Cattlemen’s Congress. You can visit the show’s website by clicking here.

The Schedule of events- shows, sales and educational activities- can be seen by clicking here.

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