Mark McCully Sees 2024 as Another Year of Angus Genetics Leading the Beef Industry

Listen to Ron Hays talk with Mark McCully about the Angus industry in 2024.

Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster, Ron Hays, is talking with CEO of the American Angus Association, Mark McCully. On the sidelines of the 2024 Cattlemen’s Congress, Hays and McCully talk about a vision for the Angus breed for 2024 that the Angus industry Executive has.

As about 80 percent of the market share of the beef industry is Angus genetics, McCully said this means that Angus is essential.

“We have got to have those really good Angus females that can go back into these commercial herds and stick around for a long time and do a really great job for our commercial producers, and then we need genetics that the cattle feeder and packer are looking for.”

Ultimately, McCully said it is critical to focus on the genetics the consumer seeks.

“That will be our continued charge, is making sure we have got Angus genetics that can do all of those things,” McCully said. “We have got great diversity in the breed right now, and because of the tools and technology and data, we are better able to identify which genetics we plug into those different recipes better than we ever can before.”

McCully also talked about the legacy of industry icon Jarold Callahan, who played an integral role in the execution of Cattlemen’s Congress.

“If I am being honest, it really has not sunk in yet,” McCully said.

Callahan’s mark on the cattle industry comes down to his vision and perseverance, McCully said, as Callahan was a great leader and visionary.

“He was always thinking that far down the road, which I think led him to be a fantastic leader,” McCully said. “It made Express (Ranches) what they were. I think, to me, Jarold was as multifaceted in this industry and new as much about all parts of it as anybody I knew.”

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