House Democrats Respond To Governor’s State Of The State Address And Announce Policy Agenda

The Oklahoma House Democratic Caucus released the following statements after the Governor’s State of the State Address.

 “The Governor’s State of the State Address did not paint an accurate picture of the actual needs of every day, working Oklahomans,” House Democratic Leader Cyndi Munson said. “He continues to push for income tax cuts that will disproportionately impact the wealthiest Oklahomans. The cost of the income tax cut would be $250M to the state while only giving median income earners an average of $100 per year and the top 1% of earners over $2,300 per year. We’ve lived through a budget deficit and drastic cuts to services that are vital to the health and well-being of all Oklahomans. Oklahomans deserve better than lip service about a ‘pay raise’ – we deserve leaders who understand the real challenges we face and who are willing to find solutions to those challenges.”

Representative Melissa Provenzano, D-Tulsa, introduced the House Democratic Policy Agenda: Oklahomans Deserve Better.

“There are ways to benefit regular, working Oklahoma families,” Rep. Provenzano said. “We can do so by lowering costs for working families and cutting the state portion of the grocery tax. It is also prudent we increase funding for public education in order to grow a diverse and highly skilled workforce.”

Representative Trish Ranson, D-Stillwater, announced plans to protect healthcare freedom.

“Healthcare should be accessible to all Oklahomans and cover a comprehensive list of healthcare needs,” Rep. Ranson said. “We must also acknowledge the childcare crisis. Without proper childcare support, the Oklahoma workforce loses efficiency.”

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