Checking in on the Beef Checkoff- Telling the Next Generation of Dieticians About Beef

Ron Hays talks with Heather Buckmaster about how the Oklahoma Beef Council works with dietetic students and helps them learn about cattle production and the nutrition story of beef.

Ron Hays talks with Heather Buckmaster of the Oklahoma Beef Council about their long standing work with dieticians in training from OSU, OU and OCO.

This past year- that investment into new students has widened to include the Keith and Associates Distance Dietician Internship. Through two tours, 40 dietetic interns from across the US had the opportunity to participate in a ranch tour and learn more about the beef community- everything from beef nutrition, cattle nutrition, cattle care, beef sustainability and beef safety.

Learn more about the Beef Checkoff in Oklahoma by checking our Cattlemen’s Corner- available here. At the national level- check out DrivingDemandforDemand.Com.

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