Beef Checkoff Digital Marketing Reaches Broad Audience to Promote Beef Consumption

Listen to Ron Hays talk with Jennifer Nealson about Beef Checkoff Marketing efforts.

At the 2024 CattleCon held in Orlando, Florida, Senior Farm and Ranch Broadcaster Ron Hays had the chance to talk with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Research, Jennifer Nealson. In part two of Hays’ conversation with Nealson, they discuss beef messaging through digital platforms.

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In May of 2023, Nealson said the national advertising campaign for Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner. was launched.

“That campaign is called, ‘Together, We Bring More,’” Nealson said. “It is all focused on how beef transforms everyday gatherings into meaningful moments. We all know that when you are doing something special or even doing something ordinary, you want to have beef on the grill, and you want to have beef there at the center of your holiday table too. No matter what the occasion, we believe beef brings people together and is the meaningful protein that people associate good times with.”

Within the campaign, Nealson said there have been 8 to 10 different commercials on digital platforms, including streaming television.

“What we are seeing is incredible results,” Nealson said.

According to the analysis, Nelson said 70 percent of the people who see the commercial or video for the “Together We Bring More” campaign will watch the entire duration.

“I believe that the reason this has been so successful is because consumers can really see themselves and associate with beef and how it transforms their regular everyday moments into something special when you are serving beef,” Nealson said. “We are very excited about these results and are going to keep the campaign going.”

With plenty of channels for communication, Nelson said the Beef Checkoff can reach a wide audience with campaign material.

“Seventy percent of U.S. consumers eat beef once a week,” Nelson said.

The goal now, Nealson said, is to increase that frequency.

“If we can, again, inspire them to eat new kinds of dishes and value cuts and identify things that compete with some of these other proteins that are maybe about the same price, then we are going to get people to eat more often, and we think that is a key driver to continuing to drive big demand.

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