Making Economic Decisions to Generate More Profit with OSU’s Kim Anderson

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This Week on SUNUP is Oklahoma State University Extension grain market economist Kim Anderson. During this week’s edition, Anderson talks about making decisions when it comes to nitrogen application and more.

Producers are going to be top-dressing wheat over the next few weeks, and Anderson said there are some decisions to be made to know whether to top-dress or not, and how much Nitrogen to apply.

“Producers need to know the price of wheat, the price of the Nitrogen, on the particular farm or plot, they need to know the potential yield and they need to have their target yield,” Anderson said.

To get the price of wheat, Anderson recommends that producers call their local elevator and see wheat they are forward contracting for harvest delivery. For fertilizer prices, Anderson recommends that producers call their local fertilizer dealer.

“If you go to Northern Oklahoma, Pond Creek, Medford area, it is about $5.50 per bushel,” Anderson said. “Go down in Southern Oklahoma in Snyder, Altus, take off about 30 cents.”

Around Weatherford, Anderson said winter wheat can be forward contracted for about $5.30.

“I called around and Nitrogen costs just under 60 cents per bushel,” Anderson said.

This week on SUNUP:

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