On Our Latest Ag Perspectives Podcast- Dr. Mark Johnson Reviews the 2023 Cattlemen’s Conference- and Previews the 2024 Edition

Ron Hays talks with OSU’s Mark Johnson about last year’s Cattlemen’s Congress and previews the 2024 Version

Cattlemen’s Conference is a type conference based around building and crafting the right kind of cattle.

35 years ago, cattle industry leaders came together and held the Blue Print for the Right Kind of Cattle Conference, focused on building cattle that fit the industry at that given time. Today, the industry has evolved and therefore, our cattle need to do the same.

Together, Cattlemen’s Congress, Oklahoma State University and the Noble Research Institute have partnered together to bring you the Cattlemen’s Conference.

This Year’s Focus:
Gene Editing
Breeding Systems & Heterosis Relative to Marketing Endpoint
Regenerative Ranching & Sustainability

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