John Deere Equipment and Technology on Display at the National Mall

Join John Deere May 6-8 in Washington, D.C., as the agriculture industry celebrates Ag on the Mall – The Future of Food and Farming. From autonomy to precision technology, John Deere will showcase the versatility of the agriculture industry and how equipment and technology solutions help farmers feed, fuel and clothe the world more efficiently than ever before.

This is the second year John Deere has joined AEM to bring this event to our nation’s capital, supporting American agriculture and helping ensure the needs of rural America are clearly understood by lawmakers and regulators.

This year, John Deere will feature the following equipment and technology. Experts will be on hand to speak with the media, agency officials and the public:

8R Autonomous Tractor
Farmers never have a shortage of work to do on any given day. Autonomy increases overall farm productivity, enabling more acres to be covered by extending the day or unlocking 24/7 operation without adding help. This technology frees up time for the farmer to focus and manage other tasks or areas of the business. The John Deere fully autonomous tractor leverages technology such as cameras, AI, sensors and ultra-fast GPU processors to detect and interpret 360-degree changes around them and gather more information to grow smarter. These capabilities all work to navigate a tractor throughout the field autonomously.

S7 900 Combine
Launched in February at Commodity Classic, the new S7 combine helps farmers perform at the maximum to make the most of the season’s efforts. These combines were designed for efficiency, harvest quality and operator friendliness. With the S7 Series, farmers can reasonably expect productivity gains of up to 20%, with 10% less fuel used. This machine demonstrates how innovative solutions from John Deere help bring farmers more precision, efficiency and profitability to their work. Technology on display on the S7 combine includes harvest settings automation and predictive ground speed automation.

See & Spray™ Ultimate Sprayer
See & Spray™ Ultimate enables targeted spraying of nonresidual herbicide on weeds among corn, soybean and cotton plants. The targeted spray technology can help farmers gain cost efficiency with more than a two-thirds reduction in spray volume that can significantly lower herbicide costs and result in fewer tendering stops and more acres covered per day. See & Spray Ultimate provides a dual product solution system/split tank, offering farmers the prime opportunity to combat herbicide resistance by using two independent tank mixes in one pass. 

GUSS Autonomous Sprayer and Smart Apply®
GUSS autonomous sprayers combine autonomous technology and precision application to complete the orchard and vineyard spray job quickly and efficiently. By using a proprietary autonomous software tech stack, GPS, LiDAR and vehicle sensors, one person can operate up to eight GUSS sprayers on a laptop from the comfort of their vehicle. Available in four models: Orchard GUSS, Mini GUSS, Herbicide GUSS and Electric GUSS. 

Smart Apply® is a precision upgrade kit that elevates the performance of virtually any air-blast sprayer, new or used. By utilizing LiDAR technology to digitally map individual trees or vines in orchards and vineyards, as well as their density, the Smart Apply system precisely applies the correct product amount required. It intelligently avoids spraying empty spaces, leading to an average chemical reduction of up to 50%, without impacting yield. Additionally, it collects application data for regulatory reporting and ensures accurate, thorough and efficient job completion.

Precision Agriculture Technology
The John Deere Operations Center™ is an online farm management system that enables farmers to create optimized work plans, monitor job quality, and analyze and receive insights from data anytime and anywhere. Operations Center allows farmers to manage their operation more efficiently, do a better job on every pass, reduce costs and improve profitability. The platform’s new Sustainability Tools provide farmers with actionable and personalized insights into key aspects of their operations, including carbon intensity, soil health and fuel emissions. The platform enables farmers to leverage a range of sustainability-focused features, enroll in voluntary revenue-generating programs, and share resulting insights seamlessly with trusted advisors.

Connectivity is crucial to a farm’s operation; however, most farms are in rural communities where connectivity challenges persist. The John Deere partnership with SpaceX will provide improved connectivity via satellites. Farmers will be able to work more efficiently and productively, reduce downtime, and coordinate among machines for more efficient use of resources.

John Deere precision upgrades provide farmers with a unique opportunity to adopt the latest technology to their current fleet. Precision Upgrades can add precision, productivity, and value to their fleet, helping get the most from their equipment.

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