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Before the lazy days of summer kick in, log on to Zoetis Learning Solutions (ZLS) and enroll in a course. New content both with and without CE have been added in several of the catalogs. In between the BBQs and beach days, don’t get the summer slide, fire up the brain and start learning today!

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LEARNING PLAN   Optimizing Cattle Productivity with Implants      
Selecting the right implant for the performance goals is important for all segments of beef production. Learn more about the product offering from Zoetis, as well as tips for proper administration.   Enroll today!  

webinar icon   LEARNING PLAN   Understanding the Bacteria Influencing Respiratory Disease       Bovine respiratory disease is a complex issue. This course covers the common bacteria that cause BRD in cattle and how the bacteria act in the animal. There is also discussion of preventing BRD, as well as how to effectively treat BRD in cattle.   Enroll today!  

webinar icon   ON-DEMAND COURSE   iLeadership Development Workshop       The iLDW is a self-paced course that will help you effectively lead your team and grow your business. The iLDW consists of 7 modules: • Delivering Feedback • Delegation • GROW Model for Coaching • Self-Regulation • Effective Communications • Decision Making • Change Management Available RACE & CVPM – Approved CE Credit: 2   Enroll today!  

webinar icon   LEARNING PLAN   Dairy Manager’s Guide to Understanding Regulations Around Worker Safety      

This course provides a brief overview of applicable OSHA guidelines and then learners spend time applying these guidelines to common situations.  
Enroll today!                    

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