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Bill Bullard Commentary, “Cheap Imports: Death Knell for the West”

Wasn’t long ago and you could travel throughout the western United States and one of your most common sightings would have been sheep…lots of sheep. For those of you that like data, 81 years ago, in 1942, the people population in the U.S. was about 135 million. And the sheep population was 56 million. That …

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Op-Ed in Response to Drovers Article “mRNA Conspiracy Theories: Ranch Group Offers ‘Fearmongering’ and ‘Misinformation’”

When was the last time a ranch group went public and said that despite grandiose reports from the pharmaceutical industry and government about the safety of a novel and yet unapproved synthetically produced immunization delivery system for cattle, in this case messenger ribonucleic acid or mRNA, that the truthful answer is we don’t yet know …

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