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Growth Energy Cheers House Reintroduction of Next Generation Fuels Act

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor today cheered the reintroduction of the Next Generation Fuels Act in the U.S. House of Representatives. The new legislation mirrors a similar proposal, reintroduced last week in the U.S. Senate.  “High-octane ethanol has the power to deliver the performance and savings consumers need, while driving down transportation emissions. We applaud …

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New Lark Study on ESA Impacts
Continues History of Unsupported Claims, Debunked Science 

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement in response to the latest article from Tyler Lark, who has a long history of neglecting the accepted science behind the climate and environmental benefits of biofuels: “In the conclusion of Tyler Lark’s most recent published offensive on the U.S. biofuels industry, he identifies ‘a clear …

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Growth Energy Statement on Senate Passage of Bill to Avert Rail Strike

Growth Energy’s CEO Emily Skor issued the following statement after the Senate approved a bill to avert a nationwide rail strike. With yesterday’s approval by the House of the same legislation, the bill now heads to President Biden’s desk for signature, meaning the threat of a strike has been eliminated for the foreseeable future:  “American …

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Ethanol, Petroleum and Ag Groups Express Support for Year-Round E15 Legislation

In a letter sent yesterday to U.S. Senate and House leadership, a broad coalition of energy and agriculture organizations called on Congress to quickly adopt legislation that would resolve inconsistent fuel volatility regulations. Specifically, the groups expressed support for legislation that would result in equal regulatory treatment for all gasoline blends containing 10 percent ethanol …

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